Fly Musiq | Faith. Love. Youth.
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FLY Musiq is a multi-talented Atlanta native whose gifts have led her to writing, speaking, and making soulful music with a powerful message. Born with the name Cierra Reed, now Cierra Bobo, she was raised in a home that cultivated her musical growth. An artist since the age of 5, she has a plethora of musical genres that influence her art, which all grant her the ability to transition gracefully between Hip Hop and Soul, creating a sound that is uniquely FLY.

The Book 1.0x

In Residue Deluxe, an extension of FLY Musiq’s critically-acclaimed third book, women will learn how to unpack the baggage of their sexual past and allow God’s burden-removing love to flood their hearts. FLY uses her personal experiences and the truths that she has learned through her own mistakes to help walk other women through the process of finding real, true, and lasting healing. The words and exercises that women encounter in this book will help them obtain the keys to recognizing their worth and starting fresh on the path to fulfilling God’s amazing plan for their lives. If you’ve ever wanted to break free from the chains of negative sexual relationships and experience the blessing that comes from doing it the way God intended, Residue Deluxe is for you!

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