Fly Musiq | Artist
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FLY Musiq is a multi-talented Atlanta native whose gifts have led her to writing, speaking, and making soulful music with a powerful message. Born with the name Cierra Reed, now Cierra Bobo, she was raised in a home that cultivated her musical growth. An artist since the age of 5, she has a plethora of musical genres that influence her art, which all grant her the ability to transition gracefully between Hip Hop and Soul, creating a sound that is uniquely FLY.

Cierra “Fly” Bobo

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FLY strives to use creative arts as a platform to inspire and ignite others to recognize their own greatness. She has released an array of musical projects including her first EP, ‘Epiphany Sky’ whose sultry jazz inflected lyrics received positive feedback from acclaimed figures in the music industry. FLY’s second EP, ‘Optical Muse’, was released in January 2013 and gained rave reviews among listeners. The lead single and video, ‘Beautiful,’ serves as the theme song for her “Redefine Beautiful” campaign, which seeks to take a stand against molestation and encourage youth to discover and embrace the beauty within themselves. FLY, a Gospel Choice Award Winner, will continue to bring substance and a pristine flavor to the entertainment industry as she releases new music in 2017.

New music coming soon.

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