Fly Musiq | Leader
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With a humble and confident spirit, FLY strives to use her platform responsibly to shift culture forward. With a desire to see those who encounter her leave her presence feeling whole and loved, FLY’s passion for people knows no bounds. Through her role as the Founder & the Executive Director of FLY Life Incorporated, she oversees and implement strategies to effectively engage young girls in urban communities. FLY Life Inc. is an organization that is focused on inspiring and empowering girls ages 8-18 to be FLY inside and out. FLY believes that her passion and purpose are part of her identity thus she is compelled to continue her work and artistry in order to promote and establish change in every community possible.

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Fluent in creativity, her passion to share the message of faith, love, & youth led her to the name ‘FLY’. Influenced by a childhood filled with insecurity and a longing for identity, FLY developed a passion to see the youth of her community find success through an awakening to their true identity. This passion has been a catalyst to her career as a stimulant/catalyst/beacon for change in an array of southern communities. A highly sought after motivational speaker, FLY has spoken to over 150,000 youth in the southeastern region. The Founder & Executive Director of FLY Life Incorporated FLY and her team mentor hundreds of girls and empower them to be FLY inside and out. In April 2016, FLY Life reached new heights as they hosted their first FLY Life Girls Conference serving over 450 girls. They host annual events such as FLYTASTIC Christmas and various girl events.

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